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    Polish girls have a reputation, well, several reputations. Some people may call these stereotypes, or categorising. Personally, I find that having a reputation is good, as it gives other people a sample of what is to come, as well as a bit of pride. 

    So what are these categories that Polish women find themselves under?

    - Beautiful

    - Hot

    - Skinny

    - Cute

    - Girly

    - Passionate

    - Hard working

    - Family orientated 

    These are just a few examples of how the international community views and classes the average Polish woman. Do they meet up to these expectations? 

    Beautiful, by it's very definition is a hard one to describe, beauty and ugliness are complete opinion based views, what is pretty to myself, could be utterly horrific to you, the reader. Polish women have the Slavic look, with a bit of Germanic and Scandinavian features thrown in. Blue eyes, blond hair and sharp features are the mainstream requirements to becoming one of the famous Bond girls, so are Polish women beautiful? Well yes, they can be! 

    Hot women are often passionate and ready to fight for what is needed, do Polish ladies have these traits? As stated above in the other articles, Polish women are passionate for their beliefs, and truly loyal to their chosen man, nip this in with being cute, well dressed and girly, and you definitely have a recipe that is sizzling.


    Skinny, this one is an interesting one, due to your whereabouts, “Skinny” may have a different meaning to someone who is living a few thousand miles from you right now. But if skinny is being under weight, then yes, a majority of Polish girls are skinny, most likely because of their dietary foods and style of life, more than anything else.


    Being cute and girly is something that I personally believe Polish girls take pride from, they take a pride in the way they look, whenever they leave the house, they will be dressed for the occasion. When going for a night out, it is probable that they  will not be wearing the skimpy style dresses that we see in modern western culture, but will be wearing something modest, leaving the man's imagination to play wild. Their loyalty to their partner and family can make them cute, and their undying love for dressing to the occasion is what makes these Polish women girly, and cute.


    To support a family, in Polish culture, the man must work, and the woman must look after the family, because of this age old tradition, Polish women are often very family orientated, and incredibly hard working when it comes to the greater good of their chosen community (whether that be family, partner, work place or social circles).



    • Posted 3 years ago