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  • Polish women can be seen and noticed in many English speaking countries, such as the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. There can be all kinds of reasons for this apparent influx of Polish women in these countries. Most notably, during and after the second world war, mass amounts of Poles fled their country to escape the war and Nazi regime and flocked towards the Allies' countries. Due to this, it is reasonable to assume that one plausible reason as to why there are so many Poles scattered among these countries, is because after fleeing, their families settled and adopted the lifestyle of their chosen country. 

    Modern day reasons as to Polish occupations and emigration are a lot less dramatic, with technology allowing a friendlier and easier international community, it is much easier to find Polish students in other countries, or even Poles who want to work either seasonally or full time in their given career. There are also strong Polish communities in major cities, integrating and finding a friendly group here will definitely boost your chances of meeting the girl of your dreams, or even just a friend who you can hang out with. 

    Polish girls who reside in the above mentioned countries are usually happy to communicate and interact with the locals, unlike some cultures, the Polish one does not dis courage integration with different cultures and beliefs, though I should mention again, this is just a broad over view of the general Polish nature, individual or group situations may, and often will, differ to this article. 

    Generally speaking, Polish women are happy to learn the language of the country they are residing in, this being said, it is usually not an issue to talk to a Pole during a night out or in a social environment and to continue communications through other means at later dates. Polish culture still plays a large role in the life of an expat Pole, they will still value the same values that they were brought up to understand and abide, try not to expect a Polish girl who has lived in the UK for several years to be completely happy with a non-Polish tradition, nor for her to easily give up her biological family and replace it with solely yourself. 

    As mentioned in the above article, Polish girls tend to look out for their families a lot, such is the culture of Poland. Whether their family is abroad, or just down the road, there is a strong chance that there will be a lot of family visits. If you, like myself, are not such a family person, then you may find this a bit of a barrier at first, yes they can be overwhelming, and yes they can sometimes be annoying, but just remember that this is their culture, respect their culture and they will respect you in return.



    • Posted 3 years ago
    I am looking for a Polish girl in Poland or abroad who has Polish Passport or ID but I couldn't find out until now. Thanks.