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    Polish women have quite the stereotype, whilst it is not a simple task to combine all their features into one article, and certainly not to apply them to the majority of women in Poland, I feel that a small show of what the typical traits of a Polish woman are likely to have could be useful to anyone wishing to date one. Please remember though, that this is not in anyway a guideline on what a Polish woman will love or hate, everyone is different and you should act accordingly to the situation and the woman you get to know. 

    Polish women by tradition have been the family pillar in any domestic issue, whether it be working the farms to provide food for the family whilst they are out working, preparing food to feed the family, parenting and being a supporting wife, they have always excelled. Over the generations, this tradition has been passed down family lines to the point that women in Poland now are incredibly family orientated. Anyone wishing to date a Polish girl would do well to gain the family's approval before making any big decisions such as moving into a place together or even marriage. 

    Marriage for a Polish woman is generally seen as a huge commitment, as mentioned above, family interests are often a high priority, and as such, having the opportunity to create her own family will often be a Pole's dream come true. Many Pole's are catholic, over 90% in fact, and this leads to a low divorce rate, not only is marriage a bond of love and family commitment, it is also a religious bond, of which it is forbidden to divorce. Those that do divorce, around 70% of them do not re-marry. In short, dating and getting serious with a Polish woman will be a long term relationship, and you would have little risk of being cheated on. 

    Polish women are known for being hot and beautiful, this is a trait gained from their sense of femininity, whilst they may want to work for the family and become devoted to the upkeep and safety of their household, they also have a sense of femininity, always dressing for an occasion, always making sure they look their best. Polish ladies also have a sense of modesty, unlike what we may see in the more western countries, Poles prefer to keep a man's imagination running wild, whilst knowing how to flirt, make man happy and how to dance. These traits can all help the Polish ladies keeping their “Hot” stereotype firmly in place. 

    So with the two paragraphs above this one describing both marriage and the origins and men's perception of Polish beauty, dating a Polish lady can be incredibly beneficial, keeping her happy, remaining true and loyal to her and fulfilling your duty as the man in the relationship can easily get you into a long and lasting relationship with her.