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    Polish People

    Polish people are the age old people who have lived in the Kingdom of Poland since the early medieval ages (first recognisable as it is in recent history in 966AD). The country has since been through much warfare, a lot of cultural changes and many different forms of government (via occupation or revolution).        The history of Poland, as stated above, is s… Read all

    Polish Girl

    Polish girls have a reputation, well, several reputations. Some people may call these stereotypes, or categorising. Personally, I find that having a reputation is good, as it gives other people a sample of what is to come, as well as a bit of pride.  So what are these categories that Polish women find themselves under? - Beautiful - Hot - Skinny - Cute - Girly - Pass… Read all
    Polish women can be seen and noticed in many English speaking countries, such as the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. There can be all kinds of reasons for this apparent influx of Polish women in these countries. Most notably, during and after the second world war, mass amounts of Poles fled their country to escape the war and Nazi regime and flocked towards the Allies' countries. Due to this, … Read all

    Polish Women

    Polish women have quite the stereotype, whilst it is not a simple task to combine all their features into one article, and certainly not to apply them to the majority of women in Poland, I feel that a small show of what the typical traits of a Polish woman are likely to have could be useful to anyone wishing to date one. Please remember though, that this is not in anyway a guideline on what a… Read all